Le Mans


What’s on at the Le Mans race tracks in 2021?

The year will kick off with Exclusive Drive, a great opportunity to see and try out some very special sports cars.

Then comes the 44th 24 Hours Motos, followed by another major event – the French Motorcycle Grand Prix on 14–16 May. 

The 24 Hours season will continue with the rollerblade event then Open Kart, ahead of the eagerly awaited 89th 24 Hours of Le Mans and the launch of the Hypercar era. 

In July, we have Le Mans Classic and later the return of the 24 Hours Karting, after the 35th event of its kind was called off in 2020. Likewise the 36th 24 Hours Camions truck meeting, which is rescheduled for 25–26 September 2021.

The traditional end-of-season Trophée Tourisme Endurance event will bring the year to a close, so there’s plenty to look forward to for motorsports fans!

(*) Other events are planned but we are waiting for the relevant federations or organisers to confirm the dates for 2021.



2021 Calendar

19–21 March: Exclusive Drive
27–28 March: French Superbike Championship
30–31 March: 24 Hours Motos test day
2–4 April: Fun Racing Cars (private event)
10 April: Rallye de la Sarthe motorcycle rally
15–18 April: 24 Hours Motos
1–2 May: 24H Rollers
7–8 May: 6H Karting
14–16 May: French motorcycle Grand Prix
21–23 May: 24H Racing Open Kart
4–5 June: 24H CJD Karting
6 June: 24 Hours of Le Mans Test Day 
9–13 June: 24 Hours of Le Mans
18–20 June: 24H Open Kart
24–26 June: 24H Stud’Kart
2–4 July: Le Mans Classic 
9–11 July: 23H 60 Moto Power 25
16–18 July: 24H UK
17–18 July: Promosport French cup
22 July-1 August: Rotax Max Challenge
21–22 August: 24H Vélo cycling event
27–29 August: 24 Hours Karting 
3–5 September: 24H de la Distribution (Sagcom)
4–5 September: Ultimate Cup Moto
10–12 September: Ultimate Cup Series
24–26 September: 24H Open Kart
25–26 September: 24 Hours Camions truck event
1–3 October: Porsche Motorsport Series
1–3 October: 24H Open Kart
7–10 October: X30 World Final
10 October: Les Demoiselles du Bugatti run
15–16 October: ROSCAR
21–24 October: Coupe de France Karting
23–24 October: Inter Ecuries
12–13 November: 6H Evo12-14 November: Trophée Tourisme Endurance


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