24h Camions


This year’s Le Mans 24 Hours Camions international truck racing event cancelled

The Automobile Club de l’Ouest, in conjunction with ETRA Promotion (FIA ETRC promoter), the FIA and the FFSA, has taken the decision to cancel the 36th annual 24 Hours Camions truck racing event initially scheduled for 26–27 September at the Bugatti track in Le Mans and later postponed to November.

Uncertainty surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic has led the organisers to take this difficult decision. 
For the ACO, the FIA, the FFSA, ETRA and FranceRoutes, the overriding priority is to uphold our high standards and ensure the safety of all involved in our events. We are responding to an unprecedented situation.

The 36th 24 Hours Camions was to be a celebration of the transport industry. We planned to salute the crucial role played by those who continued deliveries during lockdown, sometimes at risk to their own health. Transport companies and their drivers deserve to be praised. We shall have great pleasure in welcoming everyone to the Bugatti in September 2021.



Tickets purchased from the ACO ticket office will be refunded automatically. No request necessary.

Tickets purchased via another channel such as Ticketmaster or a tour operator should contact the distributor directly.



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