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Spirit of Le Mans The magazine that opens up the world of endurance!

First of all, Spirit of Le Mans is THE endurance magazine. Every three months, the 100 pages of Spirit of Le Mans will plunge its readers into what goes on behind the scenes of a sport totally unlike any other. Endurance racing poses a whole range of challenges – human, technological, environmental – which helps today’s motor car to progress and tests the solutions to tomorrow’s mobility. And that really deserved a magazine!

Through interviews and portraits, Spirit of Le Mans will introduce its readers to the heroes who have written some of the greatest pages in the history of motor sport. The drivers, of course, who share the wheel of the same car in a race and must develop team spirit and perfect understanding, and also the teams, the engineers, the tuners, the marshals and all those involved in this unique universe.

Because of the constraints inherent in the sport in terms of performance, fuel consumption and reliability, endurance racing is also a marvellous laboratory for innovation. The manufacturers are continually searching to improve the efficiency of their cars, and to achieve this they have to develop innovative systems, which will then be transferred to the everyday motorist’s car. Hybrid and energy recovery systems and aerodynamics, Spirit of Le Mans will analyse and explain the secrets of these new technologies.

And finally, Spirit of Le Mans’ intention is to be an open, accessible and pedagogical magazine. While it specialises in subjects aimed at endurance fans, its objective is also to attract readers who wish to discover a universe with which they are not yet familiar. Spirit of Le Mans will open its pages to artists of all kinds - photographers, painters, sculptors – and passionate lovers of the world of the motor car in addition to well-known figures including writers, philosophers and doctors who will enlighten readers with their take on the sport. 

Nothing like Spirit of Le Mans exists on the market and it was born of a single desire – to share the richness and the passion which drives the world of endurance. Rendezvous on 2nd June to join in the adventure!

Pierre Fillon, President of the Automobile Club de l’Ouest: “Endurance racing is demanding, specialised, innovative, human and democratic and it cultivates a spirit unlike any other. The aim of Spirit of Le Mans is to help readers discover and share this spirit. This quarterly magazine immerses them in the fascinating world of endurance, and introduces them to those who write some of the most beautiful pages in motor sport, while inventing solutions to tomorrow’s mobility. Spirit of Le Mans is a specialist, pedagogical, artistic magazine and it is aimed at fans, aesthetes, the curious, and all those for whom endurance is synonymous with passion.”

Practical information

Spirit of Le Mans will be available in French (kiosks, subscription, on-site sales) and in English (subscription and on-site sales). 

Sales outlets

  • Official Le Mans 24-Hours boutiques in Paris, Tours and Le Mans
  • ACO regional offices
  • Subscription: subscription form in the magazine and also available on line


  • Per issue: 12 euros
  • Subscription: 1 year – 4 issues: France 39 euros - Europe: 65 euros – International: 74 euros


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