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Excellent media coverage for the 86th edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans

The Automobile Club de l’Ouest would like to thank its members, spectators, media, partners, teams, drivers and contributors - all of whom play a part in making the 24 Hours of Le Mans the world’s greatest endurance race.

Trackside Spectators

256,900 spectators watched the race at the circuit.


  • 855 accreditations were issued to journalists representing print press, radio and new media and to press officers.
  • 643 media outlets were represented.
  • The 855 journalists came from 39 different countries.

Over 18,000 articles about Le Mans 24 Hours were published online between 15 May and 20 June. Articles came mostly from the USA (16.6%),  France (13.84%), Spain (13.47%) and Japan (8.92%). [source: Meltwater]


Some 330 people were on site to manage 24-hour coverage of the race, thanks to 31 cameras on the track, 3 cameras on 16 cars, 8 cameras in the pit lane, one on cable and one specifically for slow-motion images (100 per second).
Another 700 people, including 230 journalists, produced television coverage for media outlets around the world.
In all, 60 video crews were present.

TV broadcasting

  • Some 35 international television networks purchased the right to broadcast the 2018 race.
  • They covered 190 countries with a potential audience of 802 million. 
  • Average viewing of France 2 and France 3 night and daytime broadcasts was 440,000. For the start of the race shown on France 2, an average 813,000 viewers. For the finish broadcast on France 3, an average 990,000 viewers.
  • Average viewing of Eurosport and Eurosport 2 broadcasts was 19,600,000.

>> Broadcaster information

24 Hours of Le Mans application

The WEC/24H application was as popular as ever, with 842,882 downloads since it was launched.


The race website lemans.org recorded 1,395,788 visits and 2,827,595 page views by 838,127 users (11-18 June).
France comes first in terms of users (26.96%), followed by Great Britain (15.36%) and the USA (9.91%).

Social Media

  • Facebook: 24heuresdumans: 1,294,000 subscribers (214,600 new followers since the 1 June 2018 compared to an increase of 28,000 during last year's event)
  • Twitter: @24heuresdumans and @24hoursoflemans 399,979 followers (with 23,075 more followers during race week, compared to an increase of 17,500 during last year’s event)
  • Instagram - @24heuresdumans: 163,000 followers (with 23,544 more followers during race week, compared to an increase of 14,000 during last year’s event)
  • Youtube - 24 Heures du Mans: 35,280 subscribers and 1,590,000 views since the 1 June 2018

In all, 2 million people follow news of the race on social media.


The 24 Hours of Le Mans and the FIA WEC 

The race website fiawec.com recorded 482,404 visits and 1,381,750 page views by 284,909 users (11-18 June).

Social media WEC :

  • Facebook - FIA WEC  : 300K followers (+21,366 after Le Mans, incremental 112% Vs 2017 24 Hours of Le Mans) 
  • Twitter - @FIAWEC : 230K followers (+5614 after Le Mans, incremental 25% Vs 2017 24 Hours of Le Mans)
  • Instagram - fiawec-official : 163K followers ( +7036 after Le Mans, incremental 10% Vs 2017 24 Hours of Le Mans) 


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