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2020-2021: Hypercars, LMP2, an explanation

The FIA World Motor Sport Council has confirmed the collegial decision taken by its Endurance Committee and the ACO concerning adjustments to the LMP2 class further to the introduction of a Hypercar class for the FIA World Endurance Championship beginning in September 2020. Performance requirements in the top class have been reduced to curb overspending, which has an evident knock-on effect on LMP2. Given the popularity of the current class and to minimise expense, current LMP2 cars will be accepted in competition for an extra year. 

The ACO and the FIA agree that adjustments to performance levels will play on parameters that do not affect chassis homologation. Engine power is the most likely candidate for modification. 
Hypercars and LMP2s will line up side by side as of September 2020 and it is now definite: LMP2 prototypes are authorised to race beyond the date originally announced.  



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