24h Le Mans


2016 Le Mans 24 Hours - The Virtual Room - Feel the experience!

Thanks to the latest virtual reality technology, the Virtual Room – Feel the experience, young connected spectators will be able to take a true-to-life plunge into the heart of the race.  

Total immersion in one of the most mythical races in the world is the innovative experience offered by the Virtual Room – Feel the experience, at the coming Le Mans 24 Hours. This 300m2 venue will plunge spectators into an unforgettable virtual digital technological experience through different themed zones.

The experience will begin with the innovation zone devoted to the heritage and the progress engendered by this motor racing myth. 93 years of performances, feats, records and innovations will be shown on giant screens providing the opportunity to relive the highlights of the race and learn all about it while having fun at the same time.

Second stage of the virtual trip, the gaming zone. The spectator becomes a player and a driver thanks to the latest simulation games. And when there’s a competition there has to a winner. The quickest will be rewarded by numerous prizes throughout the event.

After the virtual aspect it’s time for reality - or almost. Thanks to the revolutionary Oculus Rift technology (virtual reality headset), the spectators can climb aboard an LM P1 and live 3m 20 seconds of intense thrills on the 13,629-km Le Mans 24-Hours circuit in a 360° environment. It’s a unique occasion to learn to appreciate the feats of the drivers, each of whom covers around 130 laps during the race. And why not climb up onto the topmost step of the podium like Hülkenberg, Bamber and Tandy last year?

This will also be possible in the selfie space, which will provide an identical reproduction of the Le Mans 24-Hours podium. An historic moment to be immortalised and posted immediately on the social wall on which it’s also possible to follow the race live and share the most exciting moments. The Le Mans 24-Hours event has aficionados in the four corners of the earth – 800 million TV viewers, 425 000 Facebook fans, 100 000 Twitter followers who can now all meet up on MyACO, a digital community which, in the near future, will post privileged contents for the fans of motor sport, classic cars or quite simply for those who just like driving.

And finally, the cornerstone of the Virtual Room, an Audi R18 e-tron Quattro aero model used to test aerodynamics in the wind tunnel will be on display in a room in the centre of the venue. This is a unique opportunity to get close to one of the most exciting racing cars that currently exists.

The Virtual Room - Feel the experience puts the spectator right in the thick of the action. Thanks to the latest virtual reality and simulation technologies the public can slip into the skin of a driver in the Le Mans 24 Hours. This experience will attract young spectators. It’s not to be missed at any cost!



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