The French air force pavilion at the 2017 Le Mans 24 Hours For thrill-seekers!

The French air force will occupy two venues at the 85th Le Mans 24 Hours that will give visitors the opportunity to discover this elite corps and experience what it feels like to be a fighter pilot – thrills guaranteed!

Performance, endurance, concentration, team work, and osmosis between man and machine are among the many links between the world of racing drivers in the Le Mans 24 Hours and fighter pilots. The Automobile Club de l’Ouest (ACO) and the air force have renewed their partnership for the 2017 event to give the public the opportunity to discover the fascinating world of aviation. Two venues will be installed by the air force to greet spectators: the air force pavilion in the fan zone and the stand in the village. 

The air force pavilion will welcome spectators from Wednesday 14th June onwards to help them live unique experiences: pilot a flight simulator and get on board a real fighter plane! The air force pavilion is halfway between reality and virtual reality and will fulfil all the needs of thrill seekers. In the virtual world a Cap 10, a stunt plane reputed for its handling capabilities, will provide a flight simulation that’s more real than real. Once the apprentice pilot is seated aboard he will be guided by an air force specialist to learn how the controls work. He will then put on a virtual reality helmet called Occulus Rift, which will immerse him fully in a 3D environment that reacts to the movements of the user. Take off, flight over Salon-de-Provence, landing, the visitors will find themselves in the skin of a pilot and enjoy a mind-boggling experience. On the reality side a Jaguar will be on display in the pavilion. The single-seater version of this fighter plane is designed for ground attacks; it was brought into service in 1973 and carried out many interventions in Africa and during the Gulf War. Visitors will be able to slip into the cockpit to discover with the help of a specialist the complexity of the controls of this plane and the level of excellence demanded of a fighter pilot. 

In parallel to the pavilion, a stand in the village will present a photo exhibition as well as equipment used in the fields of operation by the air force. There too, those who want to find out more will be able to obtain further information on the jobs available in the air force and experience the joys of flying with the help of a flight simulator. Thanks to its enhanced presence at the 85th Le Mans 24 Hours the air force promises to enrich the experience lived by the public at the most famous of endurance races.    

Air force pavilion in the fan zone and stand in the Village
Free access Wednesday 14th June (16:00-00:00), Thursday 15th June (15:00-00:00), Friday 16th June (10:00-20:00), Saturday 17th June (09:00-00), and Sunday 18th June (09:00-15:00).