Le Mans Driver

Pioneer in France, the Wheel driving School of the Automobile West Club proposes internships of training course of piloting auto, motto, and karting all on the prestigious Mans's tracks. Every year the School with its 40 years experience and its team of 26 instructors trains over 35 000 interns.

Let's embark on the Prototype Pescarolo conceived by the fantastic team of the 24 Hours Le Mans, and live a very unique experience!


Created in 1965, the Bugatti Race is the theatre of the Grand competitions like: the French Grand Prize Moto, The 24 Hours Motos and Trucks. Large gallery platforms, Dunlop gateway, and long rows of stands, so many inevitable symbols of the driving sports. 700 000 spectators are excepted every year.

  • International Race certified FIA (Automobile) and FIM (Moto)
  • Length: 4,185 KM
  • Width of track: 10 - 19 Meters
  • 60 box, 19 network cameras, PC security with system of road  marking and intervention team, paddock, full lighting system,  medical PC.


Created almost 30 years ago to respond to growing need in trainings and initiations.

The White House race stands out with its 5 possible configurations, offering a multitude of activities.

  • Wheel drive and training certified by FFSA (automobile, karting), FFM (Moto)
  • Length: 2,817 km
  • Width: 9 m
  • 10 network cameras, PC Security system with road parking and intervention team, sprinkling section on the track race, meeting Hall with training classes, video projectors,   dressing room, relaxing room.


Largest Karting complex in Europe "Le Mans Karting" is equipped with 3 tracks dedicated to the race as well as to many other activities. The initiation class or perfecting training, are conducted in individual classes or group classes, with simulator training spaces. This Race welcomes each year the 24 Hours Karting and important international racing.

The track is entirely lit, the chronometer is electronic, with monitor screens around the track, individual stands, briefing room, fully equipped dressing rooms, Restaurant and Club House  with a bar, snack, playroom and conference room.


Official website : www.lemansdriver.fr